Nano self-cleaning coating is emerging as the greatest source for building maintenance. The increase in the number of air pollutants, acid rain, dust particles, and several harmful gaseous particles make it difficult for new or old constructions to keep their original shine over a longer period of time. The building starts to degrade. It will soon look dull and discolored; unless any significant changes are done for the protection of the building from harmful air pollutants.

Save the exteriors with nano self-cleaning coating. Let us help you understand how and what the underlying benefits of applying it to new or old buildings.

Getting Rid of Air Pollutions

It is a significant challenge to get rid of dust particles and to eliminate the level of contaminants in the atmosphere. Various techniques are used to minimize the level of air pollutants in the atmosphere. Nano self-cleaning coating is one such technique that is based on nano-technology. It is now possible to protect the buildings as well as the environments with a self-cleaning system.

There is a nano self-cleaning coating that works on the principle of photocatalysis that uses natural light to trigger the chemical reactions. The organic matter at the molecular level converts them into carbon dioxide and water. The nano self-cleaning coating is a perfect combination of super-hydrophilic, photocatalytic, and anti-static features. This coating can be applied to the building surface, which will bring self-cleaning functions to the surface of the building.

This is the best technique that doesn’t require any change in colors and materials. Apart from building, the coating can also be applied on the roads to provide self-cleaning and air purification. It is now easy to maintain the cleanliness of the building as well as reduce the maintenance cost. This technology has proved as a boon for historical building protection. This technique will help you to keep your building safe from all types of chemicals and high-pressure washing. Your structure is now capable of cleaning itself by just sun and rain.

Applications of Nano Self-Cleaning Coating

  1. Best for industrial installations and self-protection
  2. Car exhausts purification
  3. Solar Panel self-cleaning.
  4. Building self-cleaning, protection and energy saving

Features of Nano Self-Cleaning techniques

  1. Super hydrophilicity
  2. Anti Ultra-radiation
  3. Anti-static
  4. Organic pollutant decomposition
  5. Energy saving
  6. Anti-mildew
  7. Air purification & NOx decomposing

Benefits of Using the Nano Self-Cleaning Coating

  1. Protect the building surface from dust, acid rain, and other air pollutant damage.
  2. It helps to keep the clean building throughput the year.
  3. Restrain the electrostatic dust sticking.
  4. Reduce the level of energy consumption for cooling the building in summer.
  5. Restrain mildew or alga growing.
  6. Kill the harmful bacteria and viruses present on the surface.

The Final Thoughts

This technique has made it possible for people to save the exteriors of the buildings. Apart from this technique, there are lots of other steps that can be taken to minimize the level of contaminants in the air. For people who want to keep the air clean and maintain the exterior of the building, nano self-cleaning coating is a boon for them. Email on or feel free to speak to us on +86-(21)-6363-4152 (Ext. 300).

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