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How to Purify Water Impurities using Nano Photocatalytic Titanium Dioxide Powder?

Water purification is one of the major concerns for many homeowners. If the water is impure, it will no longer be fit for drinking or any household purpose. You believe it not, a maximum percentage of water pollutants are received from the household drainage only. And, impure water is one of the major causes of disease, sickness, and serious health issue. Apparently, you are left with two options – either stop consuming impure water or switch to an advanced water purification technique that

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Nano PCO Technology – Most Effective Air Purification Process for both Indoor and Outdoor Applications

Have you heard about the air-purification process through Photocatalysis? Well, it may sound complicated, but it is true that light energy can now effectively purify the air from those organic pollutants. Light is one of the vital

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Nanotechnology: Black Panther’s Suit Piques Interest of Masses

Marvel Studios have hit gold with their latest “Black Panther” movie. As revealed in past during the San Diego Comic Con, T’Challa was anticipated to wear a high-tech nano-tech suit. It seemed that nanotechnology was about to have its first view in mainstream cinema. So, did we see the nano-tech suit? Or, the

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